Today we want to share more about the spiritual artist Amber Barth who specializes in Fantasy Portraits. Her mission is to turn any common picture of yourself, be it at home, with your family or out in nature into a stunning work of art.

Whether you want to turn yourself into a fairy  or become a mermaid, an elf. angel or any other mythical creature of your choice Amber’s work will always capture your special essence and transpose it to her work.

Amber Barth is also known as a spiritual artist meaning that she channels your energy, reads it and reflects it to obtain beautiful results!

fantasy portraits by Amber Barth
Fantasy portraits by Amber Barth find out more about Amber’s work on

So what are Fantasy portraits to begin with? These art pieces work with simple pictures of you, your family, your children or your pets and using software such as Gimp turn your pictures into something special. There are many types of portraits you could order, we will share a few of them with you.

Mermaid Portraits: A mermaid is a mystical creature that lives in the ocean, the head and upper body are human like and the tail is similar to a fish tail. Mermaids are creatures found in many cultures including in Europe, Asia, Africa and the near East. A male mermaid is called a Merman but will probably not hear much about Merman’s since our culture and legens focus more on female characters when it comes to these beautiful creatures!


fantasy portraits
Fantasy Portraits by artist Amber Barth

mermaid portraitFairy Portraits: Fairies (meaning the one that comes from the “realm of the fays“)  are mythical beings or legendary creatures found in the European folklore and are often represented by small creatures with transparent wings that can often be found in nature or around children. Fairies are often related to a kindhearted nature altough legend says that some can be quite mischievous.

Family Portraits: Make creative gifts for you and your family, they can transform a normal family picture into a piece of art worth remembering. These fantasy portrais often underline important elements such as the spirit of the family, their beliefs and stories.

Pet Portraits: Looking for a special way to capture the essence of your favourite pet? This portrait can also do wonders to your cat, dog or bird pet adding special effects like backgrounds, crowns, wings, hearts and other elements of your desire to your pictures.

Elf Portraits: An elf (in the plural: elves) is a type of supernatural creature found in the germanic tradition and its folklore. The early origin of the elf is found almost entirely on texts found in norse mythology and olf english texts.

Ascension Art: This is where Amber Barth’s art becomes special, she is one of the very few ascension artists in the world channeling your feelings and your energy into her artwork. This artist is known to capture information on a person’s life, spirit guides and higher self and transpose them to her art. Clients often comment that she sometimes is able to include their spirit guides in her art, a favourite flower or animal, colors and places of meaning without knowing about those in the first place, this makes her a sensitive metaphysical artist. Amber is also strongly connected as an alchemical artist transmuting her findings into her art.

How to get a fantasy portrait done for you? Contact Amber at her homepage: prices start from 56$



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