Lost love spells are magic spells used to retrieve a lost love or an ex-partner, they are also known as “ ex-back spells “ or retrieval spells. You should be aware that by using enchantments it is important to evaluate if there is still love between two people as anything else would be a forceful act and viewed as black magic.


Why use lost love spells? In some relationships, even when love is present it can be hard to make the connection work, fears and stress from the daily life often represent threats to the couple, negative people can influence the couple even when they are family or closer friends. Health issues, financial loss and last but not least, the daily routine and the worries of our life.


Spells to return a lost love can be effective if cast the right way and with pure intention. When the caster is not experienced he may order from a professional spell caster online, we at lovespells24.com provide a platform for legitimate spell casters who can help you by casting a lost love spell to retrieve your partner.


From ancient times people use magic for their personal purposes. Black magic was used for putting a curse and the white – for making someone to fall in love. The problem of a broken heart is timeless and the only treatment for it is the return of the lover. Have you ever been in love and lost someone? Do you want them to return back to you? You tried everything and nothing helped? White magic has a variety of lost love spells that help you specific situation. Before exploring them, let’s look into love magic.


In Ancient Egypt people believed in gods and goddesses that could change their destiny. Every divine creature had its own powers and could help to fulfill the desired wish, but only if a person has good intentions.

Egyptian love spells are considered to be the most powerful among all the spells.

One of them is called Fall in Love spell

It can make your soul mate come back to you after he left. For the spell you would need:


  • 1 pink candle
  • 7 of your hairs
  • Safran
  • Toothpick
  • Water
  • A piece of gauze
  • A piece of paper


Cleanse the candle with water and dissolve the saffron in it. Then use the toothpick, pick it in the water and write your lovers name on the paper. Fold the paper twice and wrap into the gauze. After that drop wax on the gauze and focus on your wish: imagine how your beloved returns to you. Try to generate as much energy as you can. In the end, blow off the candle and hide the paper in your bedroom until the wish comes true (it will serve you as a talisman).When you, finally, receive your beloved back, burn the talisman or throw it into water.


The Nordic people also believed in the existence of a divine creature that could help them to solve their romantic problems. Freya is the major goddess of love and marriage: she influences not only humans, but also some gods and giants. If you want to cast one of the Nordic lost spells, you should devote the spell to her.

lost love spellsAnother type of lost love spells are candle love spells. These can be very simple and once you are familiar with them, you can customize the spell to your needs. Each candle color has a different meaning and could affect the outcome of your spell. For example, the most appropriate color for love is red, as it represents pure love and passion; light pink might be also useful, as it means sensitivity and young love. Before casting a spell, choose the appropriate color for your candle and charge it with your energy. The process includes anointing it with virgin oil, writing letters and symbols on it, and giving the candle your power.



How to cast a simple candle lost love spell?


  • Prepare yourself by clearing your aura and your thoughts. Visualize the desired outcome as you send energy from your hands to the candle: feel all the images you imagine.
  • Light the candle and continue visualizing the final result and then chant:


Bring back my love that I know

With his/her return, our love shall grow

Universe, bring him/her back to stay

I am sure he/she will come back.

  • Allow your candle to burn down.


Lost love spells are very powerful tools and before doing them try to certify yourself that you know how to perform them correctly. If you are not sure about it, you might also consult a spell caster to help you cast the spell. You can visit our shop for a selection of spells and the best spell casters online.

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