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Aphrodite Special Spell


IMPORTANT NOTE: We will not be accepting new order placements from June 15th to June 30th as we will be on holidays from July 2nd to August 2nd. Previous customers that are still being supported and still receiving the reports for weeks 1, 2 and 3 and who still have their spells actively being casted therefore, will still be supported until the support is completed by week 3 of the report.  Everyone else who has their spell and support already completed (finished all 3 reports and therefore the spells and the support) may message us til end of June or once we are back after August 2nd. We appreciate that you understand that our staff members have not been on Holidays for the last 4 years including working on Sundays and Holiday season and therefore is legally entitled to a break. We will be back and supporting you after August 2nd.

If you already have a spell scheduled with our spellcasters for the end of this week you may still keep in touch with them and have your spell casted.


A very powerful love spell from the Goddess Aphrodite. It is used to enhance love or help retrieve an ex-partner (get your ex back spell)


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Product Description


IMPORTANT NOTE:  It is best to contact us first to see if this spell is recommended for your situation. 

A very powerful love spell from the Goddess Aphrodite. This spell is used in complicated situations such as to assist in
reanimating a lost love, to enhance love in a relationship or to increase love between two people.


The Aphrodite special spell is casted for two weeks and helps increasing love between lovers.


  • Helps retrieve a lost lover (Ex-back spell)
  • Helps enhace or strenghten love
  • Removes energetic blockages such as fears between lovers


This spell is casted during two weeks with custom candles, crystals, custom potions and an altar.


Instructions for this love spells
  • I will send you an email during the first week and an email on the second week
  • Please provide me your email adress so we can get in touch
  • I will need your name and the partners or ex-partners name
  • A picture of both of you would be perfect
  • I will need the birth date or birth sign of both


As always I am legaly not allowed to give guarantees but I can say that this spell has been often effective from my own experience and my clients reviews. Anything you need please contact me.


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