Ishtar Love Spell


The Ishtar love spell works best for single couples who have been single for 2 months at least. It is used to attract a new love into your life.


Product Description

Ishtar Love Spell

The Ishtar love spell is used to attract a new love into your life if you are single it is a very powerful yet simple spell.

  • Attracts a new lover into your life if you are single
  • Or helps with increasing your attraction
  • A powerful spell casted during seven days
  • Works best if you have been single for at least 2 months


Instructions to seller
  • Your name and birthdate
  • What type of person do you want to attract ( male / female / age )
  • Specify what you are looking for
  • You will receive an email once the spell is completed, casting time is seven days please send me your e-mail

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Spell Caster Seryna

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I am Seryna a spell caster that believes in the power of ancient rituals and Love Magick.

I have been casting spells for many years for friends and family and am an online seller since 11.2016. The

spells I can cast are based on traditional Magick, moon magick and more. Feel free to

work with me if your heart has guided you to me.

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