voodoo love spells
voodoo love spells
voodoo love spells
voodoo love spells

Voodoo Love Spell

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A voodoo love spell to help retrieve a lost lover or enforce the feelings of your partner.


Product Description


A simple Voodoo love spell that helps helps revive a lost love. This spell can only be performed on new Moon or Full Moon and is casted three nights in a row. This spell can be used in these situations:

Revive love in your relationship
Retrieve an Ex-partner
Attract love into your life
All Voodoo spells I perform are captured in a picture and sent to my clients.

You will also receive a message informing when the spell is going to be casted.

Spell instructions for the client

The first name of you and your lover or ex-lover
A picture of both ( it is not strictly necessary but will help the ritual )
Your personal wishes for this spell
The birthdate of both lovers, if known
If you are looking to attract a new unknown love, what are your expectations


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