How much do you charge for your services?

The cost of our services range from 179 to 379$. 179$ for the booster package (boosts previously casted spells), 199$ for the extreme love spell double casted, 279$ for the extreme love spell triple casted and 379$ for a custom love spell tailored to fit your needs.

Are readings included in my service?

The spells include a free assessment of your situation and may include answering questions. No readings will be offered outside of the support time.

When do you work?

From Mon-Friday 3-7 AM (support period online) USA timezone. The rest of the day we are working on spells, research or gathering the necessary materials.

Why should I order your spells?

Spells can be a path worth following for some situations, however they may not be indicated for others. Our job is not to convince you to work with us that is your own decision. We don’t have the will or the time to “sell” our service to the customer or to convince our customers your mind should be made up.

Why don’t you work with me?

We reserve ourselves the right to deny our services to people that we feel are rude, troublesome, disrespectful, offensive, operate in bad faith, are racist, transphobic, against the LGBTQ+ community, who do not respect our terms, who are overly impatient, disrespect our response times, cannot take no for an answer, are of bad character, disrespect any of our members directly or indirectly, are quarrelsome, nosy, tell us how to do our work, are violent or do not align with our ethics. Even if you are not in this category keep in mind that we reserve ourselves the right of freedom of association and are in no way obliged to work for someone who we do not want to.

When should I not order your spells?

If you are: Depressed, anxious, insecure, nervous, constantly wanting to argue or fight with those around you, have no faith in spells or magick, don’t believe in spells, are looking for drama, are bitter, are not prepared that the spells might not manifest (not all spells will and anyone telling you otherwise is not being honest), cannot accept a no-refund policy, cannot respect guidelines, then this service is not for you.

I am not sure if I should order your spell what should I do?

Don’t work with us if you aren’t 100% sure about what you want, insecure customers will affect the outcome of the spell they are also not customers of choice since they often sabotage the spell. We don’t work with insecure customers.

What do I have to do to get a spell casted?

Send us an email to with a small (250 words) explanation of your situation, a picture of yourself a picture of your person of interest and the birth dates of both. Tell us exactly what you wish to obtain with the spell, if you and your person of interest are still in touch and if there is third party involved or someone else in the picture. Also let us know if you have worked with spells before (omitting this information can cause the spells to not work or work in a different way).

Can I pay after the spells are casted?

No. Payment is made and your spell will be casted following the next 24-48 hours.

Do you offer discounts on your spells?

No our spells are already heavily discounted on the site.

Can I pay partially and then pay you the rest amount?

No, we don’t deliver partial work we don’t accept partial payments.

What can your spell do for my situation?

Personalized methods are used that involve a mix of white magick, high magick and ceremonial methods, our spells do not affect free will meaning that if your partner returns then it will be their own will to do so. Forcing someone’s free will has nothing to do with love. The spells will use various methods to promote or wake up the feelings in your partner through telepathy, the guidance of higher beings (archangels, angels, spirit guides) access to memories and pulling the good memories back to the surface are some of these methods. The spells do their best to help your partner remember the good aspects and good times of the relationship so that the bad times or negative aspects are not seen as obstacles to the relationship as much as before.

What can’t your spell do for my situation?

Forcing your partner to return if they don’t want to do so from heart, forcing your partner to separate from someone they genuinely love, force the partner to return if it is not for the highest good. Harm someone, make them “obsessed” about you. Obsession has nothing to do with love! Please don’t waste your time with us if you want your partner to be your puppet.

Do your spells backfire?

No, they do not backfire. The used methods are safe without exceptions what can happen (if you have a bitter attitude or don’t work on your self-growth) is that the spell doesn’t manifest, because we work with higher magick and beings (archangels) if you waste their time with bitterness, being spiteful or unfair you may see karmic repercussions, this is entirely your own responsibility. Be fair, be kind and accept whatever the highest good is.

Do your spells turn my love into a zombie?

No, the spells do not affect free will or force your partner to return.

Do your spells affect free will?

No, our spells never affect free will.

Do your spells affect my emotional well-being?

No, if you feel depressed or not at your best this has other reasons please seek medical or professional help.

How long does it take to see effects?

Spells can manifest between weeks 4 and 32, if a recast is needed this timeframe can be extended. The spell can work at the first day of week 4 as well as at the last day of week 32! Spells that need over 1 year to manifest are rare but they do happen, you should keep an open mind.

How do I know my spell/ spells are working?

You may see some signs of manifestation: Hearing your love’s name or things related, seeing double or triple numbers in various places, having vivid dreams, seeing animals (horses, butterflies, exotic birds) in dreams or real life most commonly (these are spirit animals associated to the spells) a very popular animal is the butterfly. Missing your person of interest more in weeks 2 and 3. Some customers will not experience these signs.

Do you use white magick or black magick?

White magick exclusively.

What is your background in Magick? 

Seryna: “Growing up in a spiritual family Magick has been part of my life consciously and unconsciously since being a child, I became aware of being able to manipulate energy during my teenage years and later during adulthood through “spontaneous manifestations”, I extensively used, learned and researched Magick for the majority of my life. I have ties to knowledge that is not found on the internet and directly channel most of my work from higher sources.”

What proof of work do you deliver?

Reports are delivered as proof of work as well as the answers to your psychic readings. We do not provide pictures or videos for various reasons: 1 – Our work is sacred it is not used for display. 2 – We do not want our methods to circulate on the internet just like a chef doesn’t want to give away his secret recipe, the work performed is intimate and has been well preserved for generations  3 – Pictures and videos prove nothing, just because someone sends you a picture doesn’t mean they actually performed a ritual! 4 – You will just have to go with our word, if that is not enough we understand but kindly don’t work with us.

What do I have to do during the period the spells are being casted?

Remain calm and patient, you don’t have to be euphoric about the spells but try and be either neutral or positive. Doubts will affect the spell, negative behavior will affect the spell. Please respect the guidelines, don’t contact us outside of the support period and make sure to update if necessary on weeks 32. Don’t text your partner out of despair, don’t lose control over your emotions. Meditate, take a step back if necessary and focus on yourself not your partner.

Does my attitude affect the spell?

Yes negative behavior will affect the spell negatively, can interrupt or make the spell invalid (being anxious, not respecting the guidelines, doubting the spells will ever work, contacting during the stage where you should let go). Positive behavior may help the spells manifesting.

What is your strongest spell?

The custom tailored love spell is always the most powerful since we can adapt the spells to your needs.

How often do you charge?

We only charge once for the spells, the recasts are free as we do not believe in charging our customers multiple times.

What is your refund policy?

We have a strict no-refund policy, when placing your order you agree to the terms and accept the no-refund policy. The used materials cannot be replaced or refunded and as such refunds are not a possibility. If you don’t agree to this policy don’t work with us.

Why do you not offer refunds?

The spells require time, materials and knowledge to be casted the materials are not inexpensive depending on the severity of the case a single spell can be casted for up to 3 hours a day. We work a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 15 days while other spell casters do a single spell and offer no readings. We cannot return disposed or used materials these costs need to be paid for, we can also not work for free. You are paying for labour and materials not for the outcome (that cannot be predicted with a spiritual service). Our costs do not depend on the outcome we still have costs and work is still being performed, time and labor are remunerated in every civilized country.

My spell didn’t manifest I still want a refund?

No refunds under any circumstances please read “Why do you not offer refunds” above. If you don’t agree with the no-refund policy do not work with us.

What if I am not happy about your service?

Not everyone will be and that is okay, let us know how we can improve our service we are always open to suggestions; you are always entitled to a free recast.

Will I go to hell if I use spells? It’s in the bible?

The simplest form of Magick is prayer, prayer is nothing else than the appeal to higher forces (God or other entities such as angels or Saints) or asking to have your wishes manifested. Every time you pray be it in church or somewhere else you are making active use of Magick.

Is it true that I should think about my love while the spells are being casted?

No! When you are seeking help with spells it is most likely because your partner doesn’t want to have your energy in the state it currently is around this means that if you keep thinking about them (and possibly manifesting your thoughts) you will be doing so from an unbalanced place or a place that isn’t neutral, this can be perceived by your partner as spiritual harassment and they will take a step back from you. Stop contacting them if they don’t want contact and don’t impose yourself.

If I don’t stay in touch with my partner they will forget me!

Humans have a good memory, you are projecting your insecurities this has nothing to do with your partner’s short term memory. If you have memories together these memories can be revived anytime don’t let your insecurities and anxiety dictate your life that is a common mistake.

When does your support start and end?

The support conditions are specified with each report that is sent out. We offer a support ticket for up to 72h after your questions have arrived to us (after your order has been placed) and continuously check in with you via 2 updates. You will let us know how the spells are manifesting and according to your feedback we will also give our feedback, do additional work (free of charge) or make suggestions.

Can I message you after the support has finished?

No. Anyone messaging outside of the support period (not respecting our terms) will be put on a blocked list and loses their right to an update in the future. In order for the spell to manifest properly you have to let go of the spell, this means you cannot think about the spell and just focus on your own life instead. You cannot reach out during this time as you will be affecting all the performed work!


Can you use voodoo?

I don’t currently work with voodoo spells and there are voodoo practitioners who are more qualified to work with voodoo, our area of work is high magick.

When you place your order you agree that you read understood and accepted our Terms of service as well as our FAQS section.