Love spells scam – What defines a scam?

Love spells scam – There are many answers to this question and in the end the best way to evaluate the seriousness of a business or service is to either follow our feeling or, experiencing it first hand by ourselves.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary a scam is defined as an illegal way of making money, one that involves tricking people.

But are love spells illegal and can they be used to trick people?

To answer this question take a look at the service guidelines and conditions, services offering guarantees are legally flawed because there is no scientific proof for spiritual services and esoteric services. Providing a guarantee for spell casting is not always a legaly correct measure.

Love spells scam | Guarantees in Love Spells and spell casting

Different countries have different legislations however providing a guarantee for something that is not predictable is similar to promising your clients something that is not sure, it takes credibility from a service.

Love spells scam | Payments through Western Union

While online payments are a safe method, Western union does not require the merchant or person offering services to confirm his identity or credit card, therefore you never know where your money is heading.

Transparency is the number one priority in a business, if you don’t know who you are paying it’s probably a scam.


Love spells scam | No address or contact provided – No registered company

A business without an address or contact information is hiding from responsibility, if a client is unhappy and decides to sue your company you will need the company’s name and address, otherwise it is not possible for the client to take action.

Although any business will hope this doesn’t happen to them, it’s fair and legally necessary to state a valid address and valid company name.

Any company or entity that is not registered is not legally traceable and there is no way to get your money back or complain about eventual problems.

Love spells scam | Love spells for free – Fact or myth?

While there are certainly people who do love spells for free, as the saying goes, “nothing is for free in this world” is correct in most cases.

Casting love spells requires time, materials and work. A company casting love spells for free will have to compensate through other ways.

Some companies take your data (e-mail address, name and credit card information ) and sell these to third party entities.

Other companies will simply charge you later and pressure you into paying horrid amounts of money.

Others will use your data and forward it for criminal purposes.

Ask yourself, would you work for free your whole life? Where do these companies take the funds to sustain themselves?

Love spells scam | Spell casters with no knowledge on the subject

A spell caster should be able to explain what they are doing; they should have notions of Wiccan magic, Spiritism or voodoo.

A legitimate spell caster will answer your questions with pride and be happy to inform you about the process.

Spell casting is an ancient art and our team of spell casters is highly trained in different areas.

Love spells scam | Love Spells scam – Pressuring clients or forcing them into payments

A legitimate service will never force its clients to pick their services unless they are convinced it serves their purposes.

The Wolds best spell casters know they have a high success rate; there is no need to impose their services upon their clients.

Love spells reviews can be found all over the web and provide insight for those seeking for answers. It is not the spell casters mission to “sell” but to help his / her clients.

Love spells scam | Moral and ethics in spell casting

Spell casting should always respect a moral and ethical side, helping a victim of domestic violence to attract the partner that hurt her or him makes a spell caster irresponsible and insensitive, both as a magic practitioner and a person.

Love spells scam | Animal abuse and inflicting pain

Although this category is not directly related to the title “love spells scam “ it is an important element to mention.

Love is a pure feeling, it is good at heart. Killing animals or sacrificing innocent beings through death and torture from a karmic perspective cannot be related to feeling of love and reconnection, they are related to death and suffering.

Ask yourself, how can killing an innocent being return a positive feeling into your life? If you are okay with taking the life god has given to a creature, you may have to question your motives and your karma.

Death, suffering and love are not related concepts.

Saying that killing a being to retrieve love is logical is the same as saying that beating yourself will promote your health.

Love spells scam | Horrid amounts of money being charged for a love spell

Love spells, and casting them have material costs that can be high, however if someone is charging you thousands of dollars for a love spell, chances are the value is not realistic.

Although every spell caster is free to decide what their services cost, charging a client with unrealistic values could be an indicator of a love spell scam.

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