When searching for spell casters online you might quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of displayed information. With the modern age and online businesses being more and more sought after also comes the burden of being overloaded with options and…making educated decisions does not always come easy.

The good news is that when it comes to spell casters advertising their services online only a small percentage is actually familiar with spell casting and are there for the right reasons (yes unicorns still exist it’s not all bad news), the bad news is that finding professionals who are not out there to grab your wallet is harder than you might think.

An immense ocean of scam artists almost swallows the few good apples that are left…Almost. With a little bit of good research and the right mindset you can learn to find the right spell caster online.

We created a list of checkpoints to help customers making educated decisions without having to fear that you have (most likely once again) been caught up in a scam.

1 – Check reputable review sites such as Trustpilot for spell casters online you can trust

Trustpilot is a review platform that uses strict verifying mechanisms to ensure that customers leaving reviews have had a genuine buying experience. This means that the reviews you see on Trustpilot can hardly be faked. Reputable companies will have a positive balance of reviews, make sure to click on 1 and 2 star reviews to see what complaints customers have. Are they unhappy due to no results? Are their complaints and emails not being answered? Are they being ignored by the spell caster?

A reputable spell caster may not have a success rate of 100%, to be fair the success rate for spells greatly varies from case to case however one thing is for sure, a spell caster that cares (online or local) will take their time to reply to your concerns and questions.

Reputable spell casters online providing their services will not have dozens of negative feedback, they will of course also have feedback that is negative however it should not be in the dozens!

Search for other independently owned platforms where reviews are being posted.

You can find our Trustpilot profile here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/lovespells24.com


spell casters online reviews lovespells24
Online spell casting services that are reputable will openly allow customers to review their services, our business (Lovespells24) has a Trustpilot profile.


2 – Why you can’t trust love spell / love spell reviews Forums

There are a few forums claiming that some spell casters online are absolutely great and others are terrible, most of those forums are ran by competitors shamelessly trying to promote their own services, playing dirty is part of their strategy to get deep into your pockets. Some are shameless enough to make it clear that they are running the forums by using their own name!

It should be obvious by now that competitors have no interest in allowing positive feedback about others.


spell caster forums
Forums in the online spell casting community are often ran by spell casters and competitors, while looking for reviews make sure to look at impartial platforms such as Trustpilot.


3 – Check out Youtube videos that mention their spell casting business

Here is one crucial thing: Customers who are willing to give their face publicly and admit to using spells on the person they loved are very, very few. You have to ask yourself would you do that?

While customers speaking about their experience exist they are certainly not in the dozens or hundreds, and certainly they would not all be posting videos on the same chanel…and most definitely not posting on a channel OWNED BY THE SPELL CASTER DUH.

Conveniently these “reviews” are also almost always around 1-3 minutes, there is also a reason for that let’s find out why.

If you see a situation like this (which you will that’s why it’s being mentioned) know that these people pay 5 bucks for paid actors that will then ask for a script and record the review. This is quite popular on platforms such as fiverr.com. The reason you do not see longer reviews is because 5 bucks covers around 1-3 minutes, when these “scam casters” have to buy dozens of them the sums start adding up, quite frankly they don’t want to spend too much money scamming you, they obviously like to rob money more than spending it! 

Be careful with reviews for online spell casters left on Youtube if all of them are on the spell caster’s channel then it is likely artificial, paid for reviews by actors. And yes such a thing is real go google fiverr actors!


4 – Let’s talk about why Fiverr is not the best place to find reputable online spell casters

Fiverr is an excellent platform if you want to find professionals, students and freelancers offering their services at somewhat competitive rates however for some services Fiverr presents issues.

Issue number one: You just found spell casters online on Fiverr. They seem to have great reviews and everyone is happy with them.

The issue: Reviews can only be left a couple of days after placing your order what that means is that if the spells work properly (and no spell works in just a few days) customers will NEVER be able to update the review and share if the spell worked for them because reviews, you guessed it right, are final.

What this means is that if a customer was to complain about the spells not working for them you would never in a million years hear about it so it is impossible knowing if any of the spells actually worked!

Since the spells on Fiverr also mostly cost 5$ or 10 it is quite easy to hire someone to purchase your service and have you leave a positive review.


spell casters online on fiverr are often a scam
Fiverr’s rating system is flawed it only allows to leave reviews up to 3 days therefore you will never know if a spell actually worked by looking at the reviews.


5 – Online spell casters who are REAL know a LOT about Magick

Legitimate spell casters online know a great deal about spells, Magick, occultism and the esoteric subjects. They usually also are versed in other areas: Psychic abilities, remote viewing, some of them make psychic predictions and other divinatory methods, astrology and some are versed in astronomy. If your spell caster has no clue about the above or does not know anything when you ask them about these topics, do yourself the favour and run as far away as you can.

You would not want your doctor to not be able to distinguish your liver from your bile why lower your standards with other professionals?


ask your online spell caster about magick
Online spell casters should be well informed on topics such as Magick, the occult and the esoteric world.


6 – Do not fall for the “ call whatsapp number xxxx Dr. (insert name) from (far away country) will save your marriage in just 3 days

No Dr. Stealalot will not cure your AIDS, he will also not bring your ex partner back in 24 hours, 3 days or 7 days however he will charge you horrid sums of money most likely ask you to “send more money” via Western Union (non-traceable, once it’s gone you cannot retrieve it) and throw the biggest party in the village.

If you want to be part of that then it’s easier to donate money to serious causes and help those in need instead.

By the way part of the money our customers are kind enough to pay goes to wildlife preservation in Africa, we ask our customers to donate themselves by providing them the link in exchange for readings. Noble causes are great, getting scammed however is not.

As a side note there are very gifted LOCAL voodoo practitioners in these countries but they definitely do not operate like that.


spell casters online scams examples
The ” Dr. xxxx ” scam has been around for decades now, there is no such thing as Drs unless they have a PhD or work in a hospital! Never send your money to “spell casters” online without educating yourself.


7- Don’t fall for false information and unrealistic claims by online spell services

Online spell casters advertise their services and sometimes not through very credible claims. Spells never come with guaranteed outcomes, period. Whoever is guaranteeing you that a spiritual service has a certain outcome is obviously lying to you and you should know that, no matter how little you know about the subject spirituality is not a Science, there is no exact way of knowing the outcome.

Spells rarely ever work in 24 hours or a few days. Some online casters out there claim their spells work in 24 hours or a few days, spells take weeks sometimes months to produce effects while there are exceptions to this and in some rare situations they may work a lot faster this is by no means a rule and should never be used to advertise a service! Our company name is Lovespells24 because we are usually there for customers around the clock, we never made any claims that spells work in such a short amount of time this is unrealistic and false information.

Spell caster keeps charging you more money At some point you just have to ask yourself as a customer, if you were helping your customers would you make it your highest priority to constantly ask them to pay again and again when they are coming to you, trusting you with their issues?

Is that how a decent human being (spell caster or not) treats someone in need?

There is only so much money a spell caster needs for materials, when you get the feeling that the person you are working with likes your wallet more than your cause it’s safe to say you just had the pleasure to encounter a scammer.


You found spell casters online that seem promising. What’s next?



8 – Ask them questions.

Ask questions! Your spell caster should be able to answer your concerns and questions. What type of spells are being used? How should I behave during the spell? Ask them questions about Magick what line of work do they follow? Are the spells being used safe? If they are avoiding to answer or pressuring you to make a purchase skip them! Clearly they don’t care as much about you as you think.


ask your online spell caster questions


9 – Get a reading done for your situation first – Spells are not always possible! 

Spells are a possible path for many but they are and will not be recommended for everyone, every situation is different and spells are not always a viable path. Not every customer will display the right mindset to best put a spell into this world and having it manifest properly and fully, your online spell caster should always look into a reading first and explain to you if a spell is viable.


Get a reading done to see if a spell suits your situation
Get a reading done to see if a spell suits your situation, readings should be free to the customer and insightful   


10 – A good online spell caster has empathy for your situation

If your situation is reasonable your spell caster should have the needed empathy to understand you and to guide you by providing valuable advice.Spell casting is a service, you as a customer have the right to be heard, understood and helped.


spell casters online should offer you empathy


11 – Don’t work with Western Union

Western Union has been used not only for money laundering but is also a popular trademark for scammers, it is non-traceable and impossible to get your money back once it was sent. Spell casters online may require payment processing gateways however these should always be safe for both the customer and spell caster. 


spell casters that use western union for online payments


12 – Where to find spell casters online

So if there are so many “but if’s” where do I seek the right spell caster? Honestly despite us offering our own online spell casting services we have no problem in recommending places to find other options, an educated customer ends up making the best decisions for themselves and who they chose to work with is within their own judgment and freedom of choice.

Very capable spiritual practitioners can be found under more “niche” designations such as: Root workers, hoodoo workers, Root workers online, Macumba and Santeria practitioners.

You may also look into “ white magick practitioners “ (Magick is a term coined by Aleister Crowley to differentiate the art of casting spells from the art of using magic on stage for entertainment purposes).

Google these terms and you end up finding many options that will check many of the bullet points on this list.

You can also check our own online services out by contacting us. 

You are obviously invited to read through our reviews as well and see if it resonates with your requirements, we are (almost) always happy to help : https://www.trustpilot.com/review/lovespells24.com


finding real online spell casters

After finally, after completing all of the points in this checklist it all comes down to your own gut feeling…

Finding spell casters online that fit your needs is not easy but you one of the best ways to make the final decision is to follow your gut and finally take an (educated) leap of faith.

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