spell to make someone fall in love with you instantly

Is there such a thing as a Spell to Make Someone Fall In Love With You InstantlyThe rule of attraction and love-at-first-sight is crazy; most one-sided and not always consensual. The strange part is that you could get attracted to anyone at anytime. Most of the times, this “attraction” or “love at first sight” isn’t quenched. Even if we are compulsively obsessed with someone, we may never approach them. And even when we do, a categorical “NO!” is also quite inevitable. Why? Because the other person may not feel the way like you feel about them. Those feelings, attraction, some say, can’t be inculcated into a person, but some say, they can be. Love spells can make your crush/lover fall in love with you as long as there is a previous connection between the two of you.


But before you read on any further, it’s necessary to understand that “instantly” doesn’t mean right away in this scenario. There’s no spell that you can just blow on a person to make them fall in love with you especially when the person is not even the least interested in you. Spells require patience, reverence, and offering. To seek help from natural and spiritual forces, you have to tell them how much you want a person. And anything that comes as a part of the spell is one way to prove that to them. So it can take days of repetitive gestures for a spell to work, before getting started with a spell, make sure that you do everything as stated.


Love Spells Don’t Harm Anyone or do they?

Depending on the perspective some say love spells aren’t like other spells (for example revenge spells) and don’t pose harm to anyone, nor do they attract a person, unwillingly. And once the spell’s effects are gone, the other person won’t ask you “What I am doing here?”. Love spells simply amplify your internal energies by combining them with spiritual forces, allowing your lover/crush that already has feelings or a connection with you to possibly get attracted.

 It’s also very important that you have a lucid state of mind before casting a love spell. You need to be positive and have a complete conviction that the love spell is going to work. If you aren’t determined that the spell would work, this will only disseminate weak energy, turning the whole magic weak.


Spiritual Powers know the Best

Because a love spell is based on the law of attraction, it only helps if the other person is right for you; your longing for the other person is another thing but love spell doesn’t go against the law of nature. The higher power of nature and that within you will only help you out if they think it’s right for you.

Also, remember that these love spells don’t interfere with one’s freewill hence why there should be feelings between the two present. So if you want to go down the road where you forcefully attract someone to yourself, maybe you never loved that person truly to begin with.


Voodoo Spell to Make Someone Fall In Love With You Instantly    

A Voodoo spell would work for you as long as you have the right intent. Also, the effectiveness of a Voodoo spell is largely contingent on the practitioner’s focused visualizations and will.

Casting a Voodoo spell for love is easy and requires minimal preparation. However, you have to daily repeat the spell for a total of 13 consecutive days.


  • Things you’ll need:
  • Pink Candle
  • Red cardboard or construction paper
  • 2 cups sugar
  • scissors
  • 1 tbsp. cinnamon powder
  • 1 tbsp. Ginseng powder
  • Plate
  • Deities to call upon Erzulies


Casting The Voodoo Spell to Make Someone Fall In Love With You Instantly


  1. Cleanse the candle using an alcohol swab and rubbing it all over the candle.
  2. Consecrate the candle which can be done by oiling it with lavender or rose oil. The consecration is done by dipping your fingers in the oil and rubbing the entire surface of the candle.
  3. Make a Voodoo doll out of the cardboard or construction paper.
  4. Light the candle. The purpose of lighting a candle is that spiritual powers have an affinity with the fire, so it makes them happy.
  5. Precisely write down your wishes on the back of the doll.
  6. Call upon Erzulies
  7. Now write your lover’s name on the front of the Voodoo doll 13 times.
  8. Cross over your name with your lover’s name
  9. Mix together the Cinnamon powder, Ginseng powder and Sugar to make a mixture.
  10. Place the Voodoo doll on a plate and cover it with the sugar-herb mixture that you just prepared.
  11. Place the candle in center of the mixture and let it burn for exactly 13 minutes.
  12. For that time, continue asking for your wishes and be as much focused as you can. Use all your energy to tell the spiritual powers how much you love that person.
  13. Once you have lighted the candle for 13 minutes, blow it off.
  14. Take the Voodoo doll out of the mixture and keep it with you in a safe place until you have achieved your desired goals.
  15. Repeat this for a total of 13 consecutive days.
  16. When your wishes come true, don’t forget to thank the Erzulies and Divinity for bringing down the good fortune to you.
  17. Return the Voodoo doll to nature which can be done either by burning, burning or throwing it in the river or an ocean.


spell to make him love meHow to Make the Voodoo Spell More Effective?

It’s all about the right set of energy and focus. Your will, power, and focused visualizations will ensure that you get the desired results. Also, remember that finding a loving and loyal partner is something that we all deserve, but if a love spell doesn’t work, it’s a possible hint that the other person isn’t right for you, and no matter how much you love them, and even if you end up having them in your life some day, it might never work for you. Follow your heart and have the belief that your love spell won’t misguide you.


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