What are voodoo love spells a brief introduction to Witchcraft and magic spells


Voodoo is a type of a “forgotten” religion that believes in the existence of a spirit in each of us, it also believes that death opens a way to the spiritual world. Voodoo itself means “spirit” and first made its huge appearance in the African-American diaspora in the slavery times. In some cultures it is mixed with the local traditions, like, for example, Catholic traditions in the Americans. A person, who practices this type of magic, believes that spirits can help to fulfill the wishes. People believe that voodoo spirits are very powerful, but they can help only when a person has a strong will, desire and imagination. When you make a spell, you, basically, make an offering to the spirit, so he can give you what you wished for.

voodoo love spellsThe most popular type of voodoo spells are powerful love spells when voodoo is combined with love magic it is designated as voodoo love spells . It might be hard for you to find the right person to spend your life with, or maybe, you want someone to return to you again. Voodoo Love spells might be an option for you. They are used to attract an ex-lover or to find a long-time soulmate. Some of the spells are very simple, others are more complex, but, usually, they work for the one that believes that they really work. In other words, it helps only people who have the right intentions. Because you are dealing with spirits and they might fell you inner energyn.


But voodoo has its own risk and, sometimes, it might not be as save as we think it is. As you already understood, you are dealing with the power that is beyond human and so we need to be careful while doing it. First of all, ask yourself if you really want this, in the case of a love spell, if you really want to attract this person and if you are ready to be with him forever. If you are not sure about what your desire is, you might face some unpleasant consequences of your choice such as disappointment and regret. Before starting  to practice voodoo love enchantments, think twice. No, more. Think three times better.


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As it was mentioned before, some spells are easy and others are more complex. For example one love spell that could be on the funny side. You need to count the letters in you lover’s first name and family name. This will be your lucky number. Then you write this number on the inside of you underwear (in this case slippers). But, attention, you need to write the number on each of the pair and then you need to perform a type of hypnotic dance to connect to the eternal power. The traditional also says that in this way you can control the energy of the soul. Well, for some huge believers it might be a very helpful spell.


As you can see, voodoo love spells are a type of white magic that went from Africa and nowadays is quite popular in the Western society. People use voodoo as a secret ritual to obtain things or the person they want. A strong and colorful imagination is a key to obtaining the desired results, because without them you might fail. And also belief is the most important part. There is a large number of voodoo spells, but the most popular types of are love spells that help you to attract the person you are in love with. There might be some love spells that work faster, but some might take time. Why this happens and how to do these spells is what will be explained in the next article.


Voodoo is a type of magic that consists in connecting with the spirits, the so calles Loa . There are many types of spells in voodoo, but the most popular are, as we mentioned before, love enchatments. They are usually used to attract the person we are in love with. Here are some of the most common love spells that are used in the Western World.

voodoo dollsThe main tool in Voodoo is the so called voodoo doll. It is the most powerful tool that might help you when you have problems in your life. You probably already have an idea about voodoo dolls as they are commonly featured in some of the popular movies but there are still misconceptions about the subject. For example, some people believe that this doll is also used in the context of white magic to cause pain and suffering to another person. Wait. Stop for a minute and think. We are talking about love, pleasure and comfort. Imagine a woman who is desperate about returning to her lover. Why would she use the doll to cause pain, when all she is looking is a strong relationship? While this may be true for black magicians or spell casters, white magic, including love spells should always deal with healing and protective methods.


Here is how to perform “The voodoo doll spell


  1. You need to make a wax doll;
  2. Then you need to have your man’ s clothes and a bit of hair;
  3. After making a doll, you need to but the pieces of clothes in the place he usually wears them, for example, a piece of jeans on his legs etc. And do not forget to put his hair on the doll’s head.
  4. You might also glue some belly buttons as facial features, but this is not the most important part of the spell;
  5. The last step is putting this doll under you bed and thinking about your man and imagining positive situations where you are together.
  6. And do not forget to believe in what you are doing; otherwise it’s not going to work.


The second most popular spell focuses on a perfume you should use hat might attract the man or woman of your dreams. There are some perfumes you can buy in specialized shops that are specifically used in voodoo love spell casting.


Most people say that voodoo spells have an efficiency rate between 80-90%. It means that the last 10-20% may not work. While it is not possible to express spiritual matters in numbers there is still a percentage that can be calculated from personal experiences. But why is this case? Let’s find the top reasons why love spells might not work for you:


  1. You have unrealistic expectations. If you want to attract a Hollywood star, you, probably, should think twice before doing this. Being realistic is the first key to success.
  2. You do not believe in the power of the voodoo spell. It is hard to achieve results without being sure and confident in its result.
  3. You paid somebody to do the spell and the person did it in the wrong way. It is your life; don’t trust it to people with a bad reputation.
  4. You are obsessing over the voodoo love spell. Such feeling attracts more negativity than you think and you might not attract the person. You need to have self-control, because some things take time.
  5. You talk about the spell with others. There is even a proverb that says if you want to fail, tell your plan to everybody. So better keep it in secret. It is safer for you and you love spell.


Now you understood the common mistakes that people do while making the love spells. If you recognized your mistakes in one of the 5 reasons above, you might think better.


There are some natural reasons that influence a love spell, such as evening and full moon. Legend says that full moon is the best time to cast spells, as the power of them increases. Others say, that instead of casting them during the night, perform spells in the evening also. You might see some slight changes in the effectiveness of your spells.


So, next time you cast a love spell, choose the appropriate day time- it will prove itself even more powerful.

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