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In this guide we will share with you all about powerful love spells that work how to cast them and when to use them. Love witchcraft has been used for centuries to obtain the love of a desired person. Spell casters believed that nature is powerful and performed spells that could invoke the spirits of love and marriage. From Ancient Greece to the Ancient Egypt strong love spells were a powerful weapon in spell casters’ hands: they could change the person’s life and recover a lost love or even attract a new one into their lives. The times may have changed, but the people didn’t and so today we also feel a need to have someone that will take care of us and love us.


Witches or spell casters will look forward to casting powerful love spells that are appropriate in each case, for every situation there is a specific spell that fits a person’s needs. A common question when working with Magic is witch spell is the most powerful? It is a much discussed question and there are two general opinions about it. The first one says that all love spells work equally strongly and if they don’t work for the spell caster, it’s his own fault (or your own if you did it on your own). The second opinion states that only some spells are powerful and the rest are just fruit of a vivid imagination meaning that they never work. Let’s take into account the last opinion and imagine that only some of them have a desired effect. How to distinguish them from love spells that don’t work? There is no rule of thumb for this problem.


To understand if love magic is powerful, you need to look at the facts: How popular is the spell? How many people use it in everyday life and how often does it work? Are there reviews on this spell? A powerful spell of love will have to produce more positive effects than negative when looking at the statistics of its users. On a personal note we share the opinion that the spell itself is not as important as the capacity and intention of the spell caster himself, so the power of a spell is directly related to the spell caster himself. In this article we are going to show you a list of the most powerful love spells that work.


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Powerful Love Spell – Enchantment of Love

Materials needed for this Spell:
A piece of 20 cm red ribbon 
A red candle 
A white candle 
A piece of parchment paper 
A teaspoon of lovage (Levisticum officinale)
A teaspoon of ginseng 
A jasmine tea spoon 
A small white plate 
Three drops of rose oil 
Three drops of lavender oil 
Three violet oil drops 
A double boiler


Melt the red candle in the double boiler (double boiler is a large pot with hot water containing another smaller pot inside of it, the smaller pot can then contain things that will melt because of the hot water around it), add the oils and herbs when the candle is melted. Turn off the heat and remove the stove boiler, stir the mixture as it cools. Say this enchantment to the melted wax:


“Mother Moon, goddess of love, 
Come down to me from above. 
Within this wax, passion inspires 
So I have that I want. “


When the wax is not hot, dip the white candle in it, in order that the mixture of herbs covers the white candle and let it dry. 
After the candle has dried, under the glow of the moon, write your name on one side of the candle and the loved one’s name on the other, hold the candle at the height of his heart, and say the spell again. When you feel that the candle is enchanted with his love, light it. See yourself together and let the candle burn till the end.

Powerful Love Spell – Lovers Spell with Salt


On a Friday, make a small circle on the floor with a bit of coarse salt.


While pouring the salt, repeat the following:

In the circle I draw I keep you, In the salt I pour your love grows only for me!

Then, on a piece of white paper, write the name of the person you love and place it in the center saying:


If I have your name, I have your eyes.

If I have your name, I have your mouth.

If I have your name, I have your gaze.

If I have your name, I have your heart.

If I have your name, I have your desire.

If  I have your name, I have  your soul 


Then put salt and paper in a plastic bag and bury everything in a place where it cannot be discovered by anyone. Let go of the spell don’t think about it anymore. (For more powerful love spells that are free check this page) 


Indian powerful spell of Love to awaken the love of a man


It it said that the Vedas are one of the most traditional literatures of the world. 
It is the oldest form of Sanskrit studied, composed of rituals and offerings to the gods in the form of chants, poems and verses. Indian spells are considered some of the most powerful love spells given their connection to the divine.

“Charm to awaken the passionate love of a man.” 
This love comes from Apsaras, the victor, along with victory itself. Gods, send there my love, so that the man who is far can burn after me! 
My wish is that he must miss me, he should devotedly miss me! Gods, send to him my love, because the man who is far must burn after me! 
This man who is far will miss me, but I no longer miss him; gods, send him my love, because the man who is far can burn after me! 
Oh, Maruts, intoxicate him with love, oh, mid-air; thou, Oh Agni, intoxicate them! The man who is far can burn after me! 
(Charm from the book “Indian Magic”)



Powerful Love spell – Magic Bottle for Love


You will need:

A small bottle made preferably with red or pink glass

A red candle

9 petals of red roses, pink or white roses

3 mint leaves

Three orange peels

1 stick of cinnamon and cinnamon powder

7 garlic cloves

A patchouli incense cone with jasmine or patchouli cone

1 tablespoon of honey

1 table spoon of alcohol (gin, rum, tequila, etc.)



How to cast this strong love spell:

On a day of New Moon, preferably at night, light the candle and incense, and turn off all other lights in the room. Focus your gaze on the candle flame for 1 minute. Then, visualize your loved one in your mind as you always imagined, insert into the bottle, very slowly, all ingredients from nature.

While continuing to strongly visualize your loved one, in a small bowl mix a little honey and alcohol. Stir well with a spoon, then pour the mixture in the bottle. Then add water.

Seal it tightly.

Hold the bottle firmly in your hands and say 5 times the following slowly and loudly:


“By the grace of the Almighty, that this bottle, filled with the thoughts of my heart, give to me a sublime love, true and eternal. I want to be loved and I can love! So be it “.


Let the candle and incense burn completely. As for the bottle, put it under your bed. During seven days, every morning when you wake up and every night when you go to bed, take the bottle firmly in your hands shake it a bit, and repeat the previous spell 5 times, slowly and loudly.


Keep the bottle beneath his bed 14 or 15 days from the day of the new moon to the full moon. When the day of the full moon comes, bury the bottle at the foot of a tree.



Powerful Love enchantment with Trees


Working with nature makes powerful love spells work faster. On a small sheet, put a picture of yourself on another; draw the image of the kind of person you want to find. With a green piece of thread wrap around the two pictures with the faces facing each other, make a knot. Go to a tree you find has loving vibrations and find a natural crack or hole in the tree (do not make one). If none is found, perhaps find a small crack in a tree, if you don’t find one you can always dig a hole close to the tree (be careful to not hurt its roots) and bury the picture there.
Fit the sheets firmly into the crack, saying:


“Earth Tree, Water, Air and Fire, 
Grant me the love I want.”


Bury seven cents at its base it’s done.

Source: Scott Cunningham


Myth VS Truth – Are black magic spells the most powerful?


This is a misconception that is spread by the spell casting lobby that is interesting in promoting their own services which, often are related to black Magic. If you constantly hear the same message over and over again use your discernment wisely because a lot of information on the internet is used for propaganda meaning to make quick money at the expense of clients who are not properly informed. Quick question to our readers, if you want to sell something wouldn’t you want to promote it as the best thing ever?


To answer this question black magic spells are used by people who cross the line of the morally correct without giving it a second thought, while you may achieve initial results karma always comes back to “bite you” no matter what you are being told the basic principle or Action and Reaction is what makes Magick work.


The most Powerful Love Spells all around the World


Among many spell casters Brazilians are the considered the most powerful love spell casters. There are very many types of love spells that are powerful , such as marriage, break-up love spells, ex-lover and relationship spells.  Brazilian spells are related with the Macumba religion. Macumba is a type of Magic that originates from voodoo ceremonies. The members usually get into a trans-state to communicate with higher spirits. They also believe in many gods and goddesses that are in charge of nature.


One of the well-known and most powerful spells is called Pomba Gira (“ Pomba Gira”in Brazilian Portuguese meaning “ Beautiful Dove”). It can be used in the cases when people are desperate about their relationship but be aware that his spell can be brutal. If you decided to practice it, you should be very careful, as you are not going to be able to return back once the spell is casted. The love spell is said to work in a very short time.


The most powerful Love Spell – Spell to Pomba Gira (Black Magic Spell)


To perform it you need one candle and an offering to Pomba Gira- chocolate, cigarettes, red lipstick and champagne. So, first of all, light the candle, then meditate for a few minutes. After that, light the candle and put all your offerings near it. Then chant: “ My Queen, Pomba Gira of 7 crossroads, I beg you wherever you are, do not let him/her (you might say the name here) rest, never let him/her talk, sleep, never let him/her be happy, never let him/her fell any sense of joy until he/she communicates to me”. If you do it right, you will see results. Remember powerful love spells are only strong if you cast them the right way and believe in the power of the spell. 


Testimonials about powerfull Love Spells such as the Pomba Gira


There are also people who witnessed this spell on their own skin. One woman from Peru reported that she was desperate to return to her husband, with whom she lived more than 10 years. She tried almost everything and nothing helped. She even went to specialists of magic, but they were also helpless. Once she met an old woman from her neighborhood who told her to try Pomba Gira love spell. She was skeptic about it, but then decided to give it a try. She spent three weeks in search of the correct form of working with Pomba Gira. After she finally casted the spell or offering, she was very impressed, as the spell worked in a few days.  The woman was able to return to her husband. It’s passed almost 2 years and they are still together.


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A common problem while spell casting is belief. Every time the spell caster doubts it, the results will not come.  You ought to remember that you are dealing with powerful spirits and if you are not serious, it is better not to start at all, as you might damage your life.


most powerful spells of love

One very important thing you should remember while working with powerful love spells is that no matter what happens, never tell others that you casted a spell on someone. Imagine if a person you put a spell on is going to know about it. You can certainly imagine the consequences.  On a personal note long time ago I had an acquaintance and she had a long-term relationship with her boyfriend. At that time, they had some problems and thought about breaking up but one day she saw him doing some odd things and saying some very strange words.  After that she understood that he was performing a ritual to make her fall in love with him again. I think, you are able to predict what happened next they not only split up, but they never even saw each other after that story this is why you should be more careful with spell casting and the influence they could have in your life.


The most Powerful Love Spells all around the World – Egyptian Love spells


In Ancient Egypt magic was treated as a religion, because the Egyptians had many gods and goddesses they believed in that were connected to their Magic practices. For example, there was the God of life, death, animal life and sun; the Triple Goddess of full moon, waning and waxing moon. For Egyptians the moon has a very big influence on the spell: according to the time it might empower it or on the opposite – make the spell weaker. Ancient witches believed that the moon helps regaining the energy levels and having a better connection with nature. Powerful Egyptian Witchcraft is symbolized by a wheel with eight spikes known as Wheel of the Year. People can cast spells at special gatherings known as Esbats or Moon celebrations.


Egyptian spells are powerful love spells, very effective and are known as one of the strongest spells. They can reunite lovers or intensify their relationship. Love spells are a type of white magic and do not cause any harm for the person who is performing them. Also remember that they don’t manipulate the persons will. One important note : It’s important to cast love spells with the guidance of a professional spell caster, as a very small mistake can render the whole spell futile.


Powerful Break-Up Love spell


On another note there is also a powerful spell called the break-up spell. When performed correctly and at the appropriate Moon phase it can cause a break up between two lovers. For the love spell you would need: 1 black candle, 7 of your hairs, saffron, toothpick, water, a piece of gauze and a piece of small paper.


  • Cleanse the candle with olive oil from the middle to the top and then from the middle to the bottom;
  • Dissolve the saffron properly into the water;
  • Using the toothpick, dip it into the water and write the names of the couple you want to break up on the paper with the saffron mixture;
  • Fold the paper twice and wrap into a gauze;
  • Drop wax in the gauze and focus on your wish: try to generate as much energy as you can and this energy should be loving and positive;
  • Blow off the candle;
  • Hide the candle in your bedroom until the wish comes true;
  • When the wish comes true, return the talisman (the candle) to nature: burn it or throw it into a lake.


Powerful Love spell – Fall in Love with Me


The Fall in love spell is very similar to the previous one, only it has a different purpose – to make someone specific fall in love with you. The result of this spell might be very powerful and unexpected in a good sense. You need to use the same ingredients as for the break-up spell, only instead of writing the couple’s name, you should write the name of the person you love and visualize the process of falling in love; also use a pink or red candle. After performing the spell, hide the burned candle in your bedroom and after you spell worked, throw the candle into the lake or a river.


As we already mentioned before, Egyptian love spells generate a very powerful energy around you and the person you are putting a spell on. You should ask somebody more experienced, like a spell caster or a witch, to perform it for you. But if you are confident enough to do it on your own, you should be aware of all the consequences of your choice. Although, Egyptian love spells are harmless in its nature, they are related with the nature’s spirits who might not fulfill your wish in the case of a small mistake. Take a note: Powerful Love Spells will only work when you truly believe in their power.

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