The Most Well Guarded Secrets About Wiccan Love Spells

Wiccan love spells are based on the Wicca religion which is related with the Neo pagans and was developed in England, among the secret covens. It also has the influence of late Victorian era and occultism. This religion is mostly famous for its magic books – The Book of Shadows. For the past century, this book was re-edited twice and the last edition is more detailed, whereas the first edition is mostly used as a historical reference. Nowadays, popular culture is inspired by some of the Wiccan traditions and there are many television series and movies based on it due to its popularity.

Most of the spells are written in The Book of Wicca or The Book of Shadows. In 1953, Doreen Valiente rewrote the first edition of this book, cutting some sections and introducing several poems, and some tips for doing genuine witchcraft in The Book of Shadows. Nowadays, the two existing books (the first and the second editions) are books of rituals, spells and white magic practices. Real Wiccan spells belong to white magic and are used for different purposes such as attracting love into your life, healing, protecting or binding a person or partner. Each of the spells contains energy that connects with the Universe or the Goddess and generates desired results.  

The first edition of The Book of Shadows is used for general and professional purposes, while the second edition or the Modern Book of Shadows is intended for personal use and might also contain information about astrology, herbal core, and information regarding divinations. As stated before Wiccan witchcraft inspired also many modern books and television series all across the world (mostly in the USA and Australia).

Here are 7 of the best love spells Wicca religion has to offer:

  1. A powerful love spell to attract your beloved one: Take one piece of paper, a pen, one red candle, one purple candle, a pan, and water. On the paper, write the five main qualities you want to see in your future soul mate. Then write your name four times in a row. Light the purple candle and allow few drops of wax to hit the left side of the paper. Fold the paper twice, place it in a pan and pour water, so it could cover the paper completely. Put the red candle on top of the paper and light it on. Allow the candle to burn down slowly.
  2. A Wiccan cleansing ritual for purifying your body and soul; this ritual will also help to detoxify your mind from negative thoughts and emotions. Draw a circle and take a silver or a gray candle. Hold your hands over the incense and say “with air, I clean myself”, then hold your hands above the candle and say “with fire I cleanse myself”. Now take the sea salt and crumble it between the fingers while saying “with Earth I cleanse myself”. Dip your hands in the water, gently rubbing them and say: “With water I cleanse myself”. Wiccan love spells and rituals
  3. This ritual will also help you to clean your mind from negativity. Start meditating for 10 minutes and then say: “Any energy that no longer serves me, please leave me now. I am sending you back”. The point here is being able to ask the negative power to leave – every time you say this, you will feel how positive feelings enter into your body.
  4. This Wiccan love spell is destined to bring your ex back. Take one white candle, a photograph of you and your beloved, a white handkerchief and few drops of your tears. At midnight, light the white candle and try to place it as close as possible to yourself. Put few drops of your tears on the photograph and draw a heart on your beloved’s face. After that say the chant: “I love having you by my side because you need me. For the love that we once had, I wish our love to be reborn”.
  5. The last in the list of Wiccan spells for love will help you attract a new love into your life. Mix lavender, rose petals and salt. Make a fire and throw the mixture into the flame while chanting: “Lovers lane and true heart speaks, bring me the lover I seek”. Let the flame to burn down slowly and imagine how you encounter your beloved.
  6. Take a pink candle, a red paper heart, and olive oil. Turn off the lights and meditate in the darkness. Light your candle and place three drops of the olive oil onto your paper heart. Then say your spell and hide the paper in a safe place until your wish comes true.
  7. In Wiccan witchcraft this spell is destined to attract a new love into your life: on Friday midnight, go outdoors in a quiet place and put seven rocks in a circle. Take seven white candles and put them near the rocks. Then light them on and go around the circle, while thinking about your new love and imagining yourself in a healthy relationship. Then say the spell: “I attract love and passion into my life because I deserve it. So mote it be.”


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These Wiccan love spells could be cast by you at home. If you want be protected from any disappointments in the future, take in count these pieces of advice:


  • If you decided to hire a love spell caster, try to check his/her background and qualifications; don’t trust words, trust actions;
  • If you decided to cast a love spell on your own, you should have enough knowledge and dedication; in case of any mistake, the love spell could backfire on you or on the person you put it on;
  • A spell of love should be performed only on determined days and moon phases, for example, the best day of the week is Friday before the new moon or on the waxing moon.

9 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Wiccan love spells  

Real Wiccan love spells will work only in the case of your total dedication and concentration. Your personal attitude also matters and it will determine the final result of your spell: whereas you would receive what you want or not. Basically, your belief is the major point in the spell casting process.

Usually, each Wiccan spell works in few weeks of time. Remember to keep a positive mindset and try not to overthink it. If you did everything right, the results will come soon.



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