Is it possible to bring back a lost love in 24 hours?

The “Bring back lost love 24 hours” spell has been around for many years. The answer may surprise you however there are two sides to it. In the first place, magic spells need time to work. Some of these spells especially love spells take days or even weeks to produce visible effects; others can take a couple of months. Saying that you can bring back a lost love in 24 hours and guaranteeing it is unrealistic and an indicator of a possible scam.

We have further explained why this is the case in this text.

If you want to achieve fast results and see your lover returned to you, there are some love spells indicated for this purpose, however it should be noted that there is no such thing as “bring back lost love 24 hours spell” this is usually a scam used often by spell casters in Africa looking for fast money and get rich schemes, they will guarantee you that the spell works in 24 hours and that your loved one will be back. Needless to say that these spells do not work and that you are being scammed. There are different types of spells depending on a type of magic you want to use. One of the most popular spells is derived from the voodoo religion. In this article, we are going to talk about love spells that work fast and may take two to three weeks to produce visible effects. Please note: If you truly want a spell to work or to increase the chances of getting your loved one back, you should resort to professional spell casters.


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So what we are going to show you in this article, is a love spell that will start to work 24 hours after being casted, for effects to take place it may take two to three weeks as magic needs time to work.


Bring back lost love 24 hoursFor the voodoo “Bring back lost love 24 hours love spell”  you would need 3 small red candles, 1 coconut, 1 tablespoon of poppy seeds, 1 tablespoon of ginseng powder, 1 tablespoon of berries, 3 star anise, 1 tablespoon of lemon balm, 1 banana leaf, a piece of orange peeled from a fresh orange, a photograph of of your lover and an object that he has touched and 1 large bowl of water. In the beginning, use banana leaf as your altar and put coconut shell on top of it. Put his picture and the object he touched near the shell. Then light the three candles and put the poppy seeds, ginseng powder, berries, star anise, lemon balm, banana leaf inside the coconut shell. Take one candle and drop 7 drops of wax on the picture of your beloved and 13 drops inside the shell with ingredients. Repeat this step with each of the candles and then let them to burn down.

After that, put one match inside the wheel and let the nature decide whereas it’s going to burn or not. In the end, bury the shell near a young tree and for the next few hours, try to visualize how he returns to you.


Bring back lost love 24 hours scam 


As we explained before, there is no such thing as a spell that after 24 hours retrieves your lost love as magic takes time to work. You can read any big manual on magic including Franz Bardon’s legacy on spell casting. Click here for a list of his books o spell casting.

However, some spells start working 24 hours later and take a couple of weeks to completely bear fruits. When ordering a spell, love spell or voodoo spell you must check the reputation of the spell caster. Does the spell caster have legitimate reviews on his work?

Does he or she contact you or is everything done via an automated e-mail? Does the spell caster charge for his spells? (Read more about the “free love spells” scam here and the spell casters scam here )

Is there a real person casting the spell or just using a picture from google?

Are there complaints about this spell caster? Is he using the most frequent scamming tools such as payments through Western Union to charge for the spell?

Please be aware that a large number of so called “spell casters” are not controlled, tested or rated so it is impossible to know if they are trustworthy and authentic.


We at Lovespells24 make sure to check each and every application for its authenticity and only accept authentic  spell casters into our network.


The second spell is more related with black magic, although I don’t agree with it, as it is similar to many white love spells. Let’s see how to perform it. So, you should take a bowl with natural water, three white candles, 2 meter white cloth and a piece of paper with your name and your lovers name written on it. In the midnight, choose a quiet place to sit, relax and clean your mind from all the stress and negative thoughts. Place the cloth on the floor of the room and light the candles placing them in the shape of rectangle. Then put the bowl inside it and say your spell (you can also make your own chants):

“In the name of Earth and Water, I order you to come back to me, because you belong to me. So mote it be”. In the end, blow off the candles and try to meditate for 10 minutes. This is a very powerful spell and could influence your lover’s mind in one day. It doesn’t mean that the spell will manipulate him, but rather making him think more about you, for example, suddenly, he might remember the time you first met or just look at your Facebook profile and admire you. The love spell creates opportunities for you two to meet again and start your relationship from a blank page.

You alone could perform your spell, but if you think that’s better ask for help someone more experienced and competent, you could opt for hiring a spell caster or a witch. Many of them have worked for decades and know how to make an approach in your situation. Also remember that if you don’t have enough belief and confidence in your spell, it might fail. Your spell is a vivid energy that communicates with the Universe; and the Universe works by the Law of Attraction – what you believe in, you will receive. So, believe in good things and they will come to you.

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