Full moon love spells are a part of Wiccan magic, one of the oldest Pagan traditions, usually a women’s specialty. It is a type of witchcraft tradition where people put a spell on somebody by the full moon. It is believed that magick is stronger depending on the phase of the moon, full moon is known to be an “energetic amplifier”. To cast a spell you would need a red candle, a pink candle, dried basil, ground cinnamon, two apple seeds, a moonstone crystal, a rose quartz crystal, a red piece of silk and a pink cord. Put everything under the fool moon and lay the red clothes in front of you. Then pass the moonstone over the flames of fork candles. Take two Apple seeds and say:


By the light of full moon, I now plant the seeds of our love


After that put the apple seeds and the stones next to the cloth and sprinkle with basil and cinnamon. Put the corners of the red clothes together, with the stones, herbs and seeds inside and close your circle, saying: “ So mite it be”.


The time when the love spell is performed is very important. These rituals can be performed in any time except during new moon, as all spells will not work on this day. For a new relationship the best option is the full moon. To strengthen your current relationship perform the spell under the waxing moon.  The rituals are performed by the full moon as its power is released during the moon.

full moon love spellsMost of the full moon love spells are easy to perform and they are quite effective. There was once a woman who casted a spell to find her perfect match under the full moon in St. Valentine’s night. After finding him 20 years passed and she is still together with her husband. You don’t need to be a magic specialist to perform a simple full moon love spell. Let’s discover another , one of the most famous spells called “ Knot Magic Love Spell” that is also performed at full moon and therefore a full moon love spell. Here are the steps you should follow to perform it:


  • The best time for this spell is Friday night, as this day of the week represents Venus, a goddess of love and is tightly connected with our emotions;
  • You need a long silk string;
  • Before saying the words, meditate for a while and visualize your desire. Try to see it as real as possible and feel your words.
  • Bend one knot on the string and say : “ In the name of Maria Magdalena, Shira and Venus, deities of love, I bind my love to me. I live with (say the name) in understanding. I am a good partner to (name). So, please, let it happen!”
  • Repeat this chant 6 times in a row and burn the string
  • In the end bury it in a park or a forest.


The last full moon love spell is called “The Path of Love”.

Before performing this spell always remember that you are attracting somebody with magic and the results, sometimes, might be unexpected for you. The Path of Love, love spell is used to attract a real and long-lasting love. Take 5 roses, go a few steps away from your house, drop the first rose and say:” This is the path of love. My true love will find me”. Drop each of the roses to the ground until your doorsteps. After this, try to be positive and always visualize a happy and joyful outcome of your spell, otherwise it is not going to work as you wish.

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