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Witchcraft Spells To Make Someone Love You

Witchcraft spells (most commonly Witchcraft Love Spells) are a product of modern Witchcraft that has adopted many ancient traditions and ceremonies. In the Medieval Age, witchcraft was not only practiced by women – the majority of magic practices were performed by men. But in 1487, Heinrich Krammer’s anthology Hammer of Witches made a connection between witchcraft and the female gender – the author affirmed that women were connected with Devil more than men due to their over sexuality and carnal desires. From this moment, the Church authorities started hunting women who were somehow involved in sorcery: to your knowledge, the punishment was very brutal and painful. Nowadays, we live in a free world where people can freely practice any type of magic. There are three major kinds of magic and Witchcraft: Black magic, White Magic and Green Magic.


White witchcraft focuses on good purposes and doesn’t bring any harm upon a human being. A white witch is usually a man or a woman that has deep knowledge about this magic area; without this requirement, it’s difficult to perform Witchcraft spells correctly. White spells are also divided into some categories: love, sex, healing, binding, protection spells and so forth. Here is an example of a simple healing candle spell: Take three blue candles and inscribe the name of the person you want to heal. Then form a triangle, light the candles and concentrate on the positive energy that comes from your body and fills all the room. After that say this chant three times:


Healing light, shining bright

Let this sickness flee in fright

With harm to none including me

I cast this spell, so mote it be.


While you meditate, let the candles burn down and then hide them. The results of the healing spell could come immediately but could also take some time to fulfill, but in a short time the person you put a spell on could feel a psychological relief from the disease.


WitchcraftBlack witchcraft spells are used to cast selfish and harmful spells an important part of these moorings are witchcraft love spells used to manipulate emotions. A black witch usually casts curses, hexes, revenge and break up spells. A black magic spell, when performed correctly and at the appropriate moon phase, could cause a quick breakup of the couple, sadly some black magic spells are also used to harm others through their health. Take one black candle, seven of your hairs, saffron, a toothpick, water, a piece of gauze and a piece of paper. In the beginning, cleanse the spell with virgin oil (olive, argan oil or castor). Dissolve the saffron in the cold water and then dip the toothpick into it. On the paper write the names of the couple you want to split, fold it twice and then wrap into gauze. After that drop the wax from the first candle on the gauze; perform this with each of the candles. During this process, concentrate on your wish and on the positive energy that generates aground your spell. In the end, blow off the candle and hide it in a save place until your wish comes true. When you finally receive your desire, return the talisman to the nature – burn it or throw it into the lake.


Green witchcraft spells usually uses herbs, stones and plants in the magic ceremonies. This type of witchcraft is called green because all the magic tools are strictly natural. Green witchcraft practicers use their magic knowledge to cast different spells that don’t harm anyone; they also believe in the power of talismans and amulets that can protect people in their everyday lives from negative influence and energy. When we compare the popularity of these three kinds, white and the black Magic spells are the most requested.


What is a Witch and what importance does she have in Witchcraft Spells?


types of witchcraft spellsLet’s start our topic with this question. The word “Witch” was always associated with something bad and evil; people don’t realize that there is a “good” witch (the one who practices white magic) and the bad witch, related with black or dark magic. Witchcraft depends on a type of magic the witch or the witchcraft spell caster is performing, but the most popular type is African witchcraft. It originated in ancient African tribes and came to the American continent with the slavery regime. This form of spell casting is associated with shamanism and is considered one of the most powerful. It adopted some of the Christian religion, for example the saints and the religious titles (priest, elder etc). In some European countries, like Italy, Germany and Scotland, sorcery spells are a part of a folk tradition and was transmitted from generation to generation. Some people believe that with time it is going to disappear due to a small amount of spell casters.


Witchcraft love spells are usually performed by a professional Witch, as it was already mentioned before. But don’t stereotype the Witch – it’s not always a woman. A man’s role in witchcraft is also very important, although they might perform different types of spells. Usually, a female Witch is responsible for love spells – break up and attraction spells, whereas the man is responsible for healing, protection and some kinds of love spells. In White witchcraft, you don’t always get what you want, but you will get what you believe in.


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A simple Witchcraft spell works by helping and enchanting all those feelings of love for another person, which are already present. If the love you are feeling is not genuine and sincere, the love spell is not going to work. The phases of the moon play a very important role in witchcraft because each of them influences your spell in a different aspect:


  • Waxing moon occurs when the moon is increasing in size of visibility; usually, it’s the best time to perform love and money spells;
  • Full moon is a phase for the most important spells, such as love spells and money spells; it’s believed, that on a full moon magic is more powerful;
  • Waning moon (when the moon is decreasing in size of visibility) – the best time to perform protection spells;
  • New Moon is similar to the Waning moon phase.


Some witchcraft spells are performed according to the day of the week, because each of the days has a different magical power towards the spell, for example:


  • Sunday is associated with Sun; in witchcraft, this day is related with joy, hope and positive energy;
  • Monday (Moon) – the best time to perform protection spells;
  • Tuesday (Mars) is related with passion and confidence spells;
  • Wednesday (Mercury) – spells for dreams;
  • Thursday (Jupiter) – spells for money and wealth;
  • Friday (Venus) – love , sex and passion spells
  • Saturday (Saturn) – healing and self-healing spells.


Witchcraft love spells require a lot of knowledge and devotion; a real witch possesses qualities that most people don’t have. He/she might know what is going to happen before it actually happens; a witch has the ability to see what others can’t, due to a very strong emotional bond. All spells can be performed by a single person if he/she has enough knowledge about the witchcraft. Remember, that every spell could backfire on you; so, before putting a spell, make sure you can perform it correctly. For a List of trusted Spell Casters check out our Spell Shop Here 


What are Witchcraft Love Spells and how to use them?


witchcraft love spell

Witchcraft Love Spells have been used for centuries to obtain the love of the desired person; these are the most popular spells cast. Some people believe in the power of nature or the universe and the Gods to cast spells that can invoke the spirits of love and marriage. Dating back from Ancient Greece, love spells used in Witchcraft were a powerful weapon in the spell casters hands: they were destined to change the person’s life. Times have changed, but the people’s needs are still the same and having a happy love life is still part of the wishes most people have.


A typical witchcraft spell is cast by a professional white witch. But do love spells really work? It is a much-discussed question and there are two opinions about it. The first one says that all love spells work equally and if they don’t work for you, it’s the spell caster’s fault (or your own if you did it by yourself). The second opinion affirms that only some of the spells are powerful and the rest of them are just frauds. Now let’s discuss the second opinion and imagine that only some of the love spells will give you the desired results. How to distinguish powerful witchcraft love spells from others? There is no written rule for this, you can’t look at the love spell and say: “Ok, this one is powerful and that one is not”. The spell’s effectiveness depends mostly on a person who will cast it and on his/her professional experience and knowledge. So, if your goal is to cast a perfect love spell, you would need to find an appropriate professional spell caster. But if you think that you can do it on your own, this article will show you some of the witchcraft spells for love.


The first one is called Passion Spell and is used to attract the right person into your life. For this spell you would need:


  • 2 red candles
  • Matches made out of wood
  • Toothpick
  • 1 piece of parchment paper
  • 1 pencil or pen


For this spell that is one of the powerful Witchcraft spells to work: Inscribe the first candle with your name and the second with you beloved’s name. Light the candles. For the next 30 minutes observe the two candles burning and visualize how much you wish your beloved was with you. Draw 3 hearts on a paper: take the first candle with your name on it and drop wax on the hearts. Wait until the hearts are covered with wax and blow off the first candle. Repeat the same with the second candle. During the next week, try to perform this spell every day, drawing new hearts during each session. After you performed this witchcraft spell for love, hide the parchment paper in the place where nobody can find it.


The commitment spell is destined for people who want to obtain commitment from their partner. If you want to cast this spell, you should repeat all the steps exactly as in the passion spell, only replace the two red candles by one pink and one white.  Then write your name and your lover’s name on both of them. Draw hearts, fill them with wax and repeat this spell for one week in a row. In the end of the seven days, hide the paper with hearts in a secret place.

Witchcraft Love spells are very useful tools if your goal is to return your beloved or making someone fall in love with you. Never forget that witchcraft enchantments do not work against the will of a determined person, so if the person is not the one, the spell could backfire on you.


The Witchcraft tradition all around the World


witchcraft voodoo spellsMany of us have, probably, seen in some movies a scene where old African or Indian tribes perform ritual dances. This type of dance is related with a witchcraft spell that originated from West Africa and some Caribbean islands. Back in the days of slavery, the slaves that were transported to the island had adopted some Christian traditions. The mix of a Yoruba  and Christian religion gave birth to a new type of magic – Santeria.


Santeria, originated from African-American slaves. It consists in a belief hosted in Saints, as in the Catholic religion, but it also performs animal sacrifices with ritual drumming and dancing. The Santeria practitioners believe in one Chief God called Creator Deity and the Orishas- saints that are in charge of the nature. Santeria is also an important source for Witchcraft love spells and all types of rootwort associated with binding a person.


Voodoo is also related to witchcraft spells but its reputation is not as good as Santeria’s. It is similar to Santeria, as it has the same mixture of religions, but has different saints and gods. Voodoo is also known as the religion which birthed African magic spells. It emerged in the time of Christian missionaries in Africa. Nowadays, in some African countries people are still burned alive for practicing Magick and not because of the laws, but of the culture.


There are other types of spells, such as Italian, Scottish and American witchcraft spells. The Italian magic spell is also called Stregheria. It came from the Italian folk and traditions. The stregheria is created on a belief that there is one God called Lucifer (attention, this Lucifer has nothing to do with the Devil Lucifer from Christianity) and one Goddess, his wife, Diana. Together they have a daughter called Aradia that is in charge of all the spirits. Some people affirm that the Italian spells mostly came from the personal family traditions and due to a limited practice they may even disappear in few decades. In more ancient Italian culture Witchcraft love spells also had an important role since the family was the core image of society, dating back to the romans this tradition still remains.


kitchen witchcraft spells
Some spells were performed in the Kitchen

In the XVIII century some women knew how to perform Kitchen spells that could protect their kitchen and home from bad luck. It is a type of domestic magic. Those women believed that food made with the right intentions and powerful emotions, such as love and caring energy, could produce certain results. Although there was a common tradition, each Witch had her own secrets. Some of them even had a small garden where they planted “magical” herbs, like aloe vera (used for protection) and basil (to attract good luck). The dishes produced with such herbs could be used to make magic or to perform witchcraft spells of love.  There was also a belief that using magical herbs in everyday life could improve the quality of it.


The last type of incantation or sorcery is associated with candle rituals are one of the famous and very simple spells. Each candle has a color and it has different meanings, for example red- for witchcraft love spells, health; brown- neutrality; pink- love and morality. In Bewitchment, to cast a spell for love or other purposes you are going to need one candle of black and white color. Usually, the white candle is used from waxing to full moon for calling purposes; the black candle is used from waning to new moon for banishing purposes. The first step to perform a candle caster spell is to meditate for 10 minutes. If you use a white candle, rub a bit of olive oil from the tip of the candle towards the base. If you use the black candle, rub oil from the base towards the tip, visualizing your goals. Then say a chant you created- it can be a very short one or a long, depending on your purpose. After doing the spell, repeat it the next night. Do not forget to finish your chants with “ So will it be”.

Witchcraft spells can only work when the sorcerer or the Witch have a clear intention and wish to manifest from their heart and mind.


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